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Question Adult dot coms, privacy and the Chinese government crackdown

I've been buying a number of adult-related Chinese IDNs in dot com and dot net's. The search volume is just too high to ignore even if I'd prefer to be completely mainstream. Some have Baidu index of 6k-8k! This is easily the highest searched keyword domains I have.

The thing is, I am an overseas Chinese(foreign national) with plans to conduct legitimate business in China one day. So worried about being associated with adult domains, I opted for domain privacy with Dynadot. Only later did I find out this is a load of bs as my full name is still shown. I have also read domain privacies are easily wavered and full details provided by the registrar at first sign of trouble.

My plans for the adult domains is to park or earn affiliate income for the short to medium term, and eventually sell high. I don't plan to ever develop them for the same worry of appearing on the Chinese govt's radar.

How would people recommend I play this? I am worries unjustified vis a vis Chinese govt's conduct against adult domain/website owners?

I am thinking of registering a PO Box and setting up a business entity to be used for these domains. I hear that is the best way of masking my identity.
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