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Re: Adult dot coms, privacy and the Chinese government crackdown

I am primarily buying them for parking income once IDNs receive more type ins and eventual resell value. The domains being blocked isn't my concern. Tarnishing my reputation should future business associates find out is.

I am also hoping as China's economy grows and liberates, the iron grip on adult websites will loosen. Let's see if that happens.

Originally Posted by alpha View Post
or you could do what a lot of people have done and steer clear of Chinese adult.. as you're asking to be blocked by the GFW.

of course, the flip side of this, is that any niche like this where people fear to tread, mean opportunities for those that do.

but I would question if Chinese adult domains would ever mature and be worth "a lot", with the constant risk of being blocked hanging over them.

If adult is your thing, Japanese is a safer bet.
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