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Re: Adult dot coms, privacy and the Chinese government crackdown

Originally Posted by zaclondon View Post
No, I had no idea! I'm pretty knew to this game. Can you point me to some info on parked domains being blocked in China? My Google search turned up empty.
Google a little harder, there's a ton of info out there on this.

There are allegedly a couple of parking providers within China that will resolve your domains, but Sedo, NameDrive etc.. forget it. I can't remember who they are, my last attempt at joining one of these told me they were not accepting new members, might have been Namerich - really can't remember. I gave up trying to park and monetize Chinese domains a long time ago.

Maybe someone else more into Chinese monetization can comment on this.

anyway.. my point to all this, is that most seem to agree the route to Chinese monetization is in development, as parking seems to be a no-go. And for adult domains, the usual path is to park, rather than to spend a ton of $ on development only to be later blocked by the GFW.

This is probably why you are finding opportunities in Chinese adult domains.

This is of course just my opinion, and as I said, I'm not in to Chinese, and certainly not Chinese adult - but I have convinced myself I know enough to decide it's worth passing on.

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