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Re: Adult dot coms, privacy and the Chinese government crackdown

Originally Posted by alpha View Post
There are allegedly a couple of parking providers within China that will resolve your domains, but Sedo, NameDrive etc.. forget it.
You're right. I couldn't access my sedo-parked domain from a China-based proxy. Parking with dynadot is accessible, but the ads are not targetted.

anyway.. my point to all this, is that most seem to agree the route to Chinese monetization is in development, as parking seems to be a no-go. And for adult domains, the usual path is to park, rather than to spend a ton of $ on development only to be later blocked by the GFW.

This is probably why you are finding opportunities in Chinese adult domains.
I thought I found the opportunities due to my creative adult keyword research abilities. haha.

Thank you for your opinions. They are helpful. Partly due to your suggestions and partly due to what I've since found online, I'm going focus more on mainstream Chinese IDNs now. Seems like the easier route to take.
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