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Re: Adult dot coms, privacy and the Chinese government crackdown

Hi zaclondon,

I would be careful and use a different registrant name for your "adult" IDNs, if at all possible.

What makes me think you should be extra careful about linking your name (or your non-adult Chinese IDNs to the same registrant as those for your "adult" IDNs) in any way, is the following interpretation of black listing which I have read.
i.e. it seems that once a registrant is "blacklisted" ALL of their IDNs / domains will essentially become blacklisted and not resolve in China.

Namely, the following sentance makes me think it is important to not get ones name into that blacklist (as it seems that it puts risk on ALL domains one owns also becoming blacklisted, in regards to resolving in China) - maybe I am wrong, you decide (as I know you can read Chinese).


Cheers - Asiaplay

PS: personally I have chosen to stay away from adult names for China - as I don't think the risk is worth it / nor that it is one of the better online business areas that can be done in China
(i.e. I can not see this public Government policy against porn changing for a long, long time - if ever within my lifetime).
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