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Re: Adult dot coms, privacy and the Chinese government crackdown

Originally Posted by Asiaplay View Post
I would be careful and use a different registrant name for your "adult" IDNs, if at all possible.
Yes, I agree. I am now going to take steps to protect my identity on these domains.

Namely, the following sentance makes me think it is important to not get ones name into that blacklist - maybe I am wrong, you decide (as I know you can read Chinese).
Haha, my ability to read Chinese sentences is very limited. I will study the article you linked with the help of a dictionary. What is surprising me though is how draconian the Chinese govt is with regard to the internet. Like alpha was saying, the grip of control does seem to be/is tightening.

personally I have chosen to stay away from adult names for China
I am beginning to feel that way. I don't plan to buy additional adult domains.

Thank you for your advice and opinion.
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