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Re: Is dot net really more popular in the Arab world?

Hi Everybody,

it's good to discuss this point, thanks "domaindog".

from my side I find that the .com domains is much much much better than .net for a very simple reason, it can be typed easily on the IE or Firefox or any browser by writing the arabic word then click ctrl+enter it will be autocompleted as you know, but for .net there is not a short key for that "the user has to setup this short key from browser setup".

so for example if the user wants to enter الجو website, he just need to enter الجو in arabic then ctrl+enter then the browser will drive him to the website automatically.

but if we are using .net he has to enter الجو in arabic then to change the language to english to complete the .net part then click on the enter button to go for الجو.net, so it's very hard to use .net domains.

for me I don't have any .net domain and I will not have any....

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