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burnsinternet 24th November 2007 07:50 PM

البطاقة الخضراء Green Card?
البطاقةالخضراء.com ( البطاقة الخضراء Green Card

Rubber Duck 24th November 2007 08:15 PM

Re: البطاقة الخضراء Green Card?
I have to say that this doesn't work for me.

Those seeking to work in the US would need to speak some English, and would use that English to find the info they seek.

Most of those that do speak English probably don't need to work, at least not outside their own family businesses.

With oil at the $100 mark, I cannot see huge numbers seeking to work and remit in a very weak currency. Just don't seem to make sense.

tee1 26th November 2007 11:13 PM

Re: البطاقة الخضراء Green Card?
Not sure if its the primary term, 52k google results, it does have one ad pop up, which is always a plus for an arabic name. I think RD has a point, although a service that is offering green card help could use the site to recruit Arabic customers that only speak Arabic.

Also I never been to sure on 2 word arabic names, it doesn't look like a problem here so you should be ok.

I haven't had too much exposure with the green card process, maybe someone else could comment on how the name could be used.

btw I like the geos much better. Easier for me to see how you could develop them Just not sure on this one. sorry .


burnsinternet 27th November 2007 12:00 AM

Re: البطاقة الخضراء Green Card?
Well, when I see an ad pop up in Google for an Arabic, I guess I get excited. One of those 'maybe' domains that I just couldn't pass up. I guess البطاقة.com is probably a better one, anyway. It was open, too.

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