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Re: Which Language Shuold I Pick?

Originally Posted by bwhhisc View Post
What you are probably looking for was taken in 2007 in .com, also .net
sex©.com Taken - whois website
sex©.net Taken - whois website

But for crying out loud...why not register some "dictionary" words in various languages. That is the BIG opportunity here.

Frankly, I don't think sex© will get any traffic, they are at best vanity domains. And beside, who beside a very small minority of nerds even knows how to 'type in' the © without cutting and pasting. :p

In arriving here at IDNF, you have stumbled onto the greatest opportunity of your lifetime with IDNs...don't blow it registering garbage.
Take a look at the auctions, post up to buy some lists, grab some free resources at and get busy.
Actualy im not trying to register Sex©.com
its just a example

My domain i try to register is keyword + © .com
what language should i pick?
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