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Re: A Chinese keyboard!

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck View Post

... My intention was to learn the Wubi layout, ...

My teacher says the pīnyīn system is usually the best input system for English beginners anyway.

chinese is hard.

to use pinyin input, one needs to know how a character is pronounced, one then gets the best-guess plus a pull-down list from which to pick the correct one if the best-guess turns out to be wrong. obviously, one still needs to have at least some vague idea of what that character looks like.

randomly picking the character for gold, 金 , for example, its pronunciation "jin4" has 24 choices in standard windows ime with 11 of them commonly encountered: 金今禁津巾斤筋襟浸矜觔.

using wubi or canjie input, since one is basically constructing each character by its parts, one has to know (almost) exactly how that character is written.

because with wubi and canjie, one is precisely specifying the actual character, it is true that in theory, with a lot of practice (wubi and canjie input are a lot harder to learn than pinyin input), a person who speaks and writes chinese well can be more productive with wubi or canjie than with pinyin.

chinese pronunciation is difficult for non-chinese speakers because of its "tones" (the same pronunciation can have up to 5 different tones and thus 5 different sounds that non-chinese-speakers do not recognize as different sounds).

but that is nothing compared to learning how to write chinese.

chinese is very hard.

amy cheng

p.s. some interesting reading
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