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Re: A Chinese keyboard!

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck View Post
Are they using voice recognition at all?
there is voice-input software.

although i have not tried any chinese voice-input yet, i suspect that it would be the most efficient input method for me personally.

voice-input would be particularly desirable for creative writing, because one would be able to narrate a thought in its entirety, then correct the mis-guessed characters after the whole composition is completed.

chinese keyboard input is difficult for creative writing, where one constantly tries to be different and unique in both style and phrasing, instead of accepting predefined words/phrases the software is offering, or even something previously user-defined.

so one ends up constantly correcting the guess/offer and there goes the thought (not that the thought is that outstanding to start with in my case ;-).

maybe that is why elegant writing seems rare on the net in chinese compared to in english; people either seem brief and coarse, or they sound like one another (accepting the same "offer"?)

potential problems for voice-input
1. one needs to be able to consistently differentiate the 5 tones (this is mainly an issue for non-native speakers),
i would assume the tones do not have to be accurate (you can train the software to recognize "your" tones), but they do need to be distinct and consistent.
2. one needs to be able to enunciate the different sounds.
for some chinese who grew up speaking a southern dialect instead of mandarin, they pronounce the mandarin pinyin sounds "shi" and "si" both as "si" (similar to the stereotype joke how a japanese may not be able to enunciate "fry" and "fly" differently). for them the voice-input may present a challenge.

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