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Re: Chinese IDN portfolio for sale, serious offers only please

I will post a full translated list later today or tomorrow as soon as I have time. Most are colloquial so they don't translate perfectly but I'll do my best. For example:
- 干吗.com is more or less equivalent to "" or "" but literally it means "do what?" which sounds stupid in english.
- 最高级.com literally is like saying "" or "" in english which is ungrammatical and sounds bad, but in Chinese it makes perfect sense.
- 猫猫狗狗.com is literallly "cat cat dog dog .com" which is retarded in english but in chinese is a super cool name for a pet-related site.

Below three are everyday 4-syllable expressions in spoken Chinese that are impossible to translate even close to literally:
- 末明其妙.com - basically "What the hell?" in the sense of not understanding something
没完没了.com - basically "it never [stops/ends]" in the sense of being frustrated or amused by something
花容月貌.com - used to refer to an extremely beautiful woman, beautiful like a goddess

Anyways. I'll post it all up as soon as i have some free time.

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