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Top korean names, aged 10 years

A few special selections from my testbed day portfolio.

Buy any name on the list now for $750

All reasonable offers will be considered.

간.com liver
건.com tendon, cord/headcover
것.com thing
경.com punishment imposed on thieves; a chastisement; a bitter experience /adv. circa, around, approximately, about /n. night watch; capital; diameter; sir; view; joyful state of things; Sutra, Chinese classics of confucianism
계.com n. section, department; plot; fraternity, group of people interested in or involved in similar pursuits
과.com n. course, lesson; section, department /conj. And
날.com n. day; weather; edge
는.com (nominative particle )
단.com n. bundle, sheaf, bundle of grain bound together after harvesting; column; step, stair; grade,
대.com stalk, to - as in "oppose"/ n. bamboo, stem; greatness, largeness; era, generation
데.com a place; a point; a spot; a feature; an aspect; a passage; a part; case; a circumstance
된.com ?? - no def
때.com n. time, hour, occasion; grime
를.com an objective particle
만.com n. ten thousand; gulf, bay; Buddhist cross
매.com bird of prey / n. whip, rod; millstone, either of a pair of heavy circular stones between which a grainy substance is ground; hawk, bird of prey with a hooked beak and curved talons; baa, sheep's bleat
면.com n. cotton, fabric woven from cotton thread; surface, outward appearance
명.com cotton cloth,/ n. life, time during which something exists or functions; inscription; fame, "name", good reputation; precept, motto
모.com n. seedling, young tree or plant; angle, space between two or more lines which are joined at a common point; hair, any of a number of fine filaments which grow from the skin of animals and humans; mother, mom; certain person, specific person / corner
목.com n. neck, throat; item, object
못.com nail, pond, adv. never
반.com n. half; opposite; classroom
보.com crossbeam?
살.com n. flesh, muscle; arrow, frame, stretcher, sting; age, length of time that a person or organism has been alive
상.com top, prize, super, desk
세.com n. three, number 3; tax, duty; rent, hire, lease, contract which gives another the right to use or inhabit a property for a period of time in exchange for rent; generation, group of people born around the same time; influence
소.com n. Korean wind instrument resembling a panpipe; swamp, low-lying area of land that is saturated with water and unfit for agricultural purposes, marsh, bog; cattle, ox, male cow, bull
속.com n. inside, interior part, heart; stomach; core, central part; contents, all that is contained within something; genus, category in which living organisms with common characteristics are classified (Biology); sequel
스.com n/a
식.com n. form, exercises, expression, eclipse, exercise
실.com thread, yarn
양.com lamb, sheep, mutton
억.com one hundred million
업.com n. karma, household mascot, work / trade
열.com n. ten, whiplash, gun barrel, row, file, rank, queue, heat, fever, enthusiasm, passion, series, fire, tail, sequence / fever / ten
예.com instance, old days,
오.com five
올.com n. strand, fibers or filaments twisted together to form a rope (or thread, yarn, etc.); string of pearls or beads
외.com prep. except
요.com mattress, this little one, who, what
위.com n. upside, top, surface, superiority, position, souls, stomach, maw, latitude, belly, place
의.com belonging to, justice
인.com n. perfect virtue, seal, phosphorus, direction of the tiger; person, kernel / nominative particle
자.com n. Korean foot, rule, son, character, person, thing, purple
재.com n. ashes, ridge, calamity, Buddhist service for the deceased, wealth, burning coal, dust
제.com my
종.com bell, gong, buzzer
직.com straight; upright; perpendicular; direct
처.com n. place, wife, rib

This is it! No further names will be added to this thread. Any name may be removed from sale at any time and for any reason. Avoid disappointment and buy today!

Names are being offered in multiple places and via email. First come, first served.

I'll take paypal from anyone I know and trust. My sole discretion. Others may need to send cash or use escrow (split fee).

Definitions are presented for convenience. I believe them to be accurate but am not a native speaker. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! If anyone finds a serious error please notify me.

*** and one last thing... when copying name listings please, please, please use the entire entry (idn, punycode, definition)- this helps me quickly find, track and update everything. thanks!
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