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Re: Russians don't know how to write МОСКВА in latin letters!

Originally Posted by blastfromthepast View Post
Now that it is possible to use Cyrillic, there is no logical reason to use Latin.
1. Emails don't work on IDN domains.
2. Maybe some problems with configuring web-servers.
3. Ugly xn--5gfh458fgrgrf48f84 in some browsers instead of nice cyrillic.
4. Discontent from the endusers that have ru domains and must to waste big money to 'satellite' zone. (РФ)
5. Even is ALIEN for our market (in comparison with ru) and problem with switching keyboard from cyrillic to latin while type will blow the minds of simple users.
That is why:
1. In first of problems 1-3 MUST be excepted.
2. Only launch IDN.IDN-gtlds as a satellite to IDN.gtlds can set your domains sell value, but only after successful grow of РФ market - I thought IDN king will be РФ there.

Isn't it arguments? Or you will repeat like a parrot that I have no arguments, have no arguments, have no arguments?

Well I don't care anymore. I've ended any conversasion about present and future of IDNs here. Good luck.
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