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Re: Top chinese names - regd 10 years ago!

NEW BIN - Any remaining name only $250!

I plan to step up the BIN drop. Its getting close to renewal time so be aware any name that needs a renewal will be an additional $8 if at Moniker, Dynadot or Fabulous, $15 if at

Still open to reasonable offers, from $20 on up.

These are the names that are left:

上空.com n) up overhead; in the sky
业余.com Amateur
丢.com to lose; to put aside; to throw
严.com Family name
临.com to face;to overlook; to arrive
举.com Lift up
仅.com barely; only; merely
仍.com still; yet; to remain
令.com make or cause to be
们.com (plural marker for pronouns and a few animate nouns)
企.com plan a project; stand on tiptoe
似.com to seem; to appear; similar
但.com But
何人.com anyone/noone???
供.com Supply
倒.com To fall
值.com Value, Worth
停.com Stop
冲.com Rush into, To rinse
准.com accurate; standard
减.com Decrease, Reduce
划.com to delimit; to transfer
列.com to arrange; to line up
则.com rule; law; grades
创.com Create
副.com auxiliary; deputy; assistant
力士.com strong man / (li shi)
即.com namely / that is / i.e. / prompt / at once / at present / even if / prompted (by the occasion) / to approach / to come into contact / to assume (office) / to draw near
变.com Change
句.com Sentence
另.com another; separate
吓.com To Scare
吨.com a ton
含.com to keep; to contain
吹.com Blow
呆.com Stay
响.com Loud
喊.com Shout
嘴.com Mouth
围.com To surround
均.com equal; even
坐.com Sit
块.com piece; chunk; lump
堆.com a pile; a mass; heap; stack
增.com Increase
备.com to prepare; get ready
夺.com Rob
委.com crooked
宽.com Wild
封.com to confer; to grant
尔.com thus / so / like that / you / thou
尽.com To the utmost
层.com Layer
届.com period; arrive at (place or time);
展.com to use; to spread out; to postpone
岁.com year; years old
己.com 6th heavenly stem; self
带.com band; belt; girdle; ribbon
幅.com width; roll
异.com different; unusual; strange
弹.com crossball / bullet / shot / shell / ball
态.com attitude
怎.com how
急.com Worried
恶.com Evil
抓.com Grab
护.com Protect
护送.com Convoy
抱.com Hugge
指.com Point to
挑.com Choose, Carry on a pole
挺.com be straight and stiff
据.com to depend on; to seize; to occupy
控.com Control
支.com to erect, to raise
效.com imitate
敢.com Dare
断.com absolutely
替.com to substitute for; to take the place of
术.com Method
样.com manner; pattern; way
框.com Frame
步.com Step
每.com Every, Each
泪.com Tear
涌.com Pour into
现.com appear; present; now
界.com boundary; scope; extent
痛.com Hurt
瞪.com stare at
硬.com Hard, Stiff
积.com to amass; to accumulate; to store
稳.com Steady, Stable
竟.com unexpectedly
端.com end; extremity; item; port;
系列.com Series
紧.com Tight
纯.com Pure
续.com continue; replenish
缩.com to withdraw; to pull back
至.com arrive; most; to; until
致.com fine and close
般.com sort; kind; class;
苏.com Family name
若.com to seem; like; as; if
获.com Catch / Capture / Obtain
营.com Camp
见.com Meet
观.com Watch
觉.com Feel
认.com to recognize; to know
记.com Sign, Mark,To record
讲.com Talk
设.com to set up; to arrange; to establish
访.com Visit
评.com Judge, discuss
误.com Mistake
诸.com family name
谈.com Chat
象.com Elephant
质.com hostage; substance
赴.com go towards; go to; attend
跌.com to drop; to fall; to tumble
跨.com step across
软.com Soft
较.com clear; distinct; compare;
辆.com (a measure word for vehicles)
输.com Lose
边.com side; edge; margin; border
运.com Move
近.com near; close
远.com Far
迟.com Late
追.com Chase
退.com Return
选.com Choose
遇.com Meet
遍.com a time; everywhere; turn
遭.com incident; meet by chance
针.com Needle
销.com Sell
镇.com Town
闪.com Flash
闪光.com Flash light
闹.com make noise
闻.com Smell
队.com Term
阶.com rank or step
降.com to drop; to fall;
险.com Danger
隐.com Hidden
顿.com none
领.com Lead
骗.com To cheat
鲁.com Family name

The following names have been removed or sold and are no longer available for consideration-

卷.com to roll (up) / to sweep up / to carry on removed
声.com Voice, Sound removed
居.com Reside removed
拿.com Take removed
盖.com Cover removed
破产.com Bankrupt removed
乘.com ride; mount; removed
争.com Fight removed
仙人.com Faerie removed
低.com Low removed
便.com ordinary; plain; convenient; handy removed
先.com early; prior removed
制.com manufacture removed
团.com Regiment,Group removed
守.com To guard removed
杀.com Kill removed
浪.com Wave removed
议.com Discuss removed
论.com Discuss, theory removed
该.com most likely removed
费.com Family name removed
逃.com Escape removed
蓝.com Bule removed
资.com Resources, supply removed
债.com Debt sold
汇.com sold
沙.com Sand sold
脸.com Face sold
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