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ICANN Nairobi

ICANN's public forum has just finished.

Not much on the entire Agenda at all regarding IDN's.

But this comment late in the public forum caught my eye...


>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Thank you. Steve.
>>STEVE DELBIANCO: Steve Delbianco of NetChoice. Comment
on the economic studies that are currently being planned.
There isThere's a saying that the more you try to resist
something, the more you conform to it. And I think the same
could be troupe of Bertrand's push for categories, the more
we try to resist that idea, it's clear we've already conformed
to categories on the G side with respect to things like
IDNs, communities, geographical, and, of course, all other
The first set of economic studies ignoreed the categories
idea and said choice is good, so more choice must be better
for global registrants. But if you take a look at the
categories underway now, which of those four categories that
we love are already being underserved? And you can take a
look at small geographical communities. But the most underserved
is IDN users. They have no choice at the TLD level. So if
you take a look at incremental benefit to individual
registrants, it's going to be the gTLDs and IDNs. And
it will be essential to serve them if we're really going to
meet the test of global public interest. Thank you.

It's all jaded style to me.
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