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Re: Can I have your help pls...

Originally Posted by markits View Post
Listen to a native's interpretation is always important and essential.
Mgrohan is right.

同志 is still the most popular and the FORMAL term for "sir", "Mister", "Madam" etc especially in government orgs, which you guys interpret as "comrade".
Your post upsets me. Maybe you did not do it on purpose... but your post has the consequence of implying that I am trying to tricks others (who are non Chinese speaking) into helping me do something tricky/deceitful.

I am 100% honest! I am NOT trying to trick anyone into helping me do something dishonest.

Please just copy and paste the word 同志 into any search engine you wish. Then click on the results. I guarantee you that each and every one of those results will take you to a gay Chinese website. (NOT one will take you to a Chinese government website as implied by Markits!) No matter if you can't read Chinese. Pictures will speak a thousand words- boys kissing, shirtless boys, boys touching, etc. If 同志 does NOT mean gay/homosexual, I don't know what is!

If 同志 means comrade, do you think it would get that many searches on google trends???同志%2C+同性恋

and here is more proof...

Comparision using google...

"Results 1 - 10 of about 51,000,000 for 同志.(0.24 seconds)"

" Results 1 - 10 of about 8,700,000 for 同性恋.(0.25 seconds)"

Comparison using yahoo...

"150,000,000 results for 同志:"

"370,000 results for 同性恋:"

Comparison using baidu...

同志:"百度一下,找到相关网页约86,600,000篇,用时0.078秒" (which translates to "baidu it, found related webpages of 86,600,000 in 0.078 seconds.")ͬ־

同性恋:"百度一下,找到相关网页约28,700,000篇,用时0.034秒" (which translates to "baidu it, found related webpages of 28,700,000 in 0.034 seconds.")


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