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Re: Buying a chinese IDN

has anybody had any problems buying .cn as individuals up to now?

According to sedo, If I buy a .cn idn, even if it is from another user, "the new registrant of the domain, should you reach an agreement with the seller, you will have to provide all the documentation requested by the .cn registry. The documents have to be provided by each new registrant regardless of whether the domain has been registered before or not".

Furthermore, according to CNNIC rules, the registrant must meet following criteria:

1) It is legally established incorporated company or incorporated institution;
2) It shall possess at least 1 million RMB Yuan of the registered capital; It shall set up domain name registration service system within the territory of the People's Republic of China, and shall have the specialty engineers and customer service personnel to engage domain name registration service;
3) It shall have the credit standing and capability of providing services to the customers in a long-term;
4) It shall have business development plans and the relevant technical solutions;
5) It shall have perfect safeguard mechanism on the networks and information securities;
6) It shall have perfect quit mechanism of domain name registration service;
7) It shall meet other requirements prescribed by Chinese government.

My conclusion is then, not to go ahead and buy the .cn as I do not meet any of these criteria. Can somebody who has bought or sold a .cn idn give some advice and if they have had any problems. Thanks

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