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Benefits of .tel IDNs

At 15:00 BST on 15th June 2010, Telnic, the registry operator for the award-winning communications-focused .tel domain names, will start registering Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) in sixteen languages.

Since launching in March 2009, .tel domains have become a powerful and cost-effective tool for businesses of all sizes that:

* Act as a single point of contact optimized automatically for all devices
* Provide strong results in search engines to help increase your brand discoverability and reputation
* Complement your existing web investments with no further development investment required
* A .tel IDN lets you publish who you are, what you do, how you can be reached by any web-user from anywhere in the world.

With a .tel, audiences across the world will be able to find you quickly, either through search engines or by typing your .tel domain directly into mobile browsers. Using the new .tel IDN will enable new and existing customers to interact and contact you in any way you choose in the language of their choice. By using .tel IDNs for your business, you can:


Reach your target audience more effectively with a meaningful .tel domain in your customers’ own language.

Register and use your corporate identities exactly as they are written, in the languages of your choice — without translating or transliterating brands into English based characters for the Web.

Strengthen and protect your brand identity and investment by ensuring a consistent brand experience across many character sets.

Raise brand recognition and awareness with local language .tel IDNs that are easy-to-recall and relevant, and remain meaningful to partners and customers.

Using a .tel IDN also gives you a free entry in Search Directory at

Examples of .tel domains in use by businesses today include:

Registrations will start at 15:00 BST, on 15th June 2010 and all registrations will be on a first-come, first served basis in the following languages: Chinese, Danish, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. There is no premium pricing and .tel domains do not require additional hosting, management or development fees.

Hans-Peter Oswald
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