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Any domainers want to link to me?


Of ( Hindi domain is “की.com”. Thousands of people of all ages, national origins and religious and political beliefs have typed in "Of" as “की” to find websites to buy goods online. According to the Google Keyword Tool 246,000 people in India have typed in the word “Of” as “की.com” last month. IDN is expected to get a website top ten in Google for an extended period of time for a very highly typed in Indian search term, and in the process generated millions of page views and millions of unique visitors. That’s what makes IDN name so valuable. IDN has been researched by experienced domainers and suggested it is turned into a free (O)nline (F)un ( website which has led to the following opportunity: IDN
website advertising price: $80 per month
Top of Page advertising price: $300 per month
comparables: Travel sites with 20,000 hits a year sells for $2,300 a year

Like our name implies, Online Fun will be in the business of providing fun and games, that will give your venture a sea of traffic cheaply in a normally big money for little traffic internet space.

It should be noted that the build of IDN

will be made when all advertisers express their intent to purchase advertising space. IDN

is currently looking for advertisers and all reasonable offers will be considered.

Reasonable offers may be directed to:

PM or Post

Thank you!

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