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Re: วิดีโอ VIDEO Thai

Originally Posted by domainguru View Post
As we both know, Thais really don't search for either term on its own. So it really doesn't matter whether one term gets a couple of thousand searches per month or just a few hundred. The numbers are so low to make them almost irrelevant.

Also, strange to "trust" google adsense search volumes if you don't trust the basic google search numbers. Personally I've never trusted the Google search volume numbers in Thailand to any degree. What was that "renewable energy" name up for sale here that showed 30K searches per month in the google adsense tool. Just didn't ring true.

Both names are decent, but I wouldn't categorize either as a search term of any note. If you were to judge value on search volume, it would be $50 or something.
1) Whether it's in English or Thai, the keyword "vdo" or "video" themselves relatively don't get much search volumes on their own, I would say that they are more of brandable memorable names as opposed to being "search terms"

But asserting that "Thais spell/search for the keyword video (วิดีโอ) 3 times more than "vdo" (วีดีโอ) based on what you see on "google search results" doesn't make much sense to me. As indicated these "google search results" can fluctuate from day to day and sometimes minute to minute based on different factors which one can google for the reasons why. The search volume numbers from google keyword tool on the other hand do not fluctuate from minute to minute. They are indeed indicative of what "Thais search" on the internet whereas "google search results" do not necessarily.

2) To me, there are no reasons to believe that the the search volume numbers from google keyword tool for the Thai language are erroneous. The example about the search volume for the Thai keyword "พลังงานทดแทน" (renewable energy) in Thai that you mentioned "didnt ring true" is actually open to doubt. If you look at the site that gets #1 on google serp for this keyword, ie: , truehits (the Thai government stats body) reports that this site gets about 700 UIP per day (, or roughly 21,000 a month, so I don't see any sufficient evidence to suggest that google keyword tool search volume number is doubtful for this term as the evidence seems to justify the search volume number. Afterall, there is a growing interest (academic and commercial) concerning "renewable energy" in Thailand and there have been exhibitions and conferences on this topic of late.

So to summarize, with the reasons given above, I too do say that both terms are decent especilly for brandability but I stand by my assertion that "วีดีโอ" (vdo) is searched/"spelled" by Thais more than 10 times compared to วิดีโอ (video) [33,100 vs 2,900] and it is the "search volume" as opposed to "google search results" that is more relevant to determine which keyword is the "more spelled /searched version". "วีดีโอ" (vdo) is therefore the primary version used in the Thai language.

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