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Re: Its high time you should develop your Hindi IDN

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck View Post
Well, no point anyway, as I have reliably been informed that all non-speakers bought a crock of shit.
I have helped a member of this forum to identify and rate "must drop","neutral value","okay","good domain" and "great domain" domains in his portfolio.If I can be any help let me know.Certainly, it needs local language skill to tell the name make sense in local perspective or not.Also, I have seen some names in aforesaid portfolio that is plural variants.Generally, plural variation of many word in Hindi are more than one based on usage of the word in sentence.While online translators can give tells nothing about actual usage.
I am sure there are good names in everyone portfolio worth development.Coming back to original topic, Won't it be great if 1000 Hindi IDN .com investors commit to develop just one domain each.In my opinion, it will be great publicity for Hindi
While it may not bring direct revenue to you at this point in time,it will receive a lot of publicity among Hindi Blogger (first truly developed Hindi IDN domain!:-) and India bloggers.Whose knows mainstream media may pick the story as well.That may bring huge traffic to your site.You can always provide link to your other sides on developed Hindi DIN sites.So,incentives are there not direct though.And it will buy "insurance" to remaining domains in your portfolio,as I said before.
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