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Re: Its high time you should develop your Hindi IDN

Originally Posted by sbe18 View Post
cross language expertise and investment are NOT the same thing.

Thinking that IDNers can move markets, is noble, but not valid so far.

Let's see if the needle moves in Russia and Arabic speaking nations.

Internet and Mobile Association of India,has published a study on number of local language website on Internet. It found only 713 true Hindi websites exists on internet! Read the report-Its PDF Methodology used in collection of data and accuracy of the claim can be debated.
But its no denying fact,that Number of Hindi website is very low at this moment.So,I do think we domain holders can influence it in great way if we can produce even 500 content based websites.Once Google results starts showing pages from Hindi IDN domains, .com Hindi IDN will get true recognition.Yes, because we have very few Hindi site,I do believe we can make an impact here.

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