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Re: Its high time you should develop your Hindi IDN

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck View Post
Come up with a survey that is less than 3 years old then you may have some credibility.

The number of Hindi sites that have been indexed by Google have grown exponentially since that time.

I believe Google actually didn't index sites until that adopted standard encodement, so many are conversions rather than real.

Even back then the numbers were laughable.

But what do I know, I am just an ignorant foreigner
Survey was released in Dec 2008.So, IT's 1.5 years old.I myself is debating the methodology used in study we can debate on exact number that is 731(As per study).But value is real low,and with low value I think we domainers can make an impact if we can develop 500 websites.Come on,Its not me who had written the survey report.It is by Indian industry for Internet players.Why they will intentionally want to reduce the numbers of sites.

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck View Post
I think you have misunderstood. He obviously wants you to stump up a Grand whilst he bungs up a mini-site, which hopefully you don't understand anyway.

Or maybe you will get lucky and have cloned into Hindi?
Did I say hire me to develop your site.Develop it with anyone you like.I won't mind developing it for you if you want.
Its your decision to develop minisite or full site.I do have ascii Hindi minisite.
as well as a few English site which I developed as Hobby.All of them uses Xoops CMS.
Currently working on a site (a serious development not hobby)
Did I answer your question?

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