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AlphaWaves 1st February 2008 04:34 AM

Anyone interested in Northern European, Eastern European & African IDNs
Hi. I just joined this group and it is most resourceful. Just a bit about me, I am a dual citizen American (i.e. parents from 2 different countries) and went to university in the UK & Sweden & worked in Sub-Saharan Africa....traveled throughout Asia and have relatives who work/worked in Eastern Europe & Middle East.

I'm very interested in networking with individuals who may have any interest in IDNs in these areas (esp Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia) and establishing relationships with an American who has northern & southern experience (hemispheres that is). Also, those who have interest in African IDNs (think Kevin Ham and the .cm domain)

I am curious about IDNs for income vs. growth (i.e. developing quality content for domains in both native language & English).

I have some useful expiring domain info for Northern European countries and I am open to sharing this info with anyone who may has access to expiring domain info for other countries in Europe or other parts of the world.

I know that a lot of domainers are very focused on traffic domains but I feel that domains that can be developed with quality content in English + local languages and that have PR & link popularity are also intriguing.

Finally, I am the kind of individual that would gladly take a smaller slice of a bigger pie (think 1% of $1billion vs. 100% of a million) hence I am excited to both give and receive useful info.

Thanks and looking forward to connecting.

domain_trader 1st February 2008 05:58 AM

Re: Anyone interested in Northern European, Eastern European & African IDNs
Hellow AlphaWaves. I've started to take an interest in Swedish names. I've recently purchased sö (search), berä (story), sö (travel booking) and sö (hotel booking).

I think (if I read you correctly) you touched on something that could potentially be a big move forward for the marketing of - developing bi-lingual sites in both native languages and English. I think this is something that owners can do to stand out from ccTLD sites. For example, if someone types in berä, then they would expect to find a site in native Swedish. But if they type in berä, then they could see a site in both native Swedish and English. In other words, IDN ccTLD as local vs IDN TLD as local/global - a defined niche for .com.

jacksonm 1st February 2008 07:50 AM

Re: Anyone interested in Northern European, Eastern European & African IDNs
I am an American who speaks Finnish and lives in Finland.


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