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Re: Please Comment on These IDNs

Originally Posted by bwhhisc View Post
So do you think they will catch on in India?

Many have said that India likes English domain names and "everyone" that uses computer can speak English for the most part....and would probably not favor IDNs for their language. (Most from domainers at namepros forum).
I am an avid computer user and I am comfortable in reading/writing in English language. Whereas, my parents are not very comfortable with English language, thus they don't use computer.

What I personally feel is that if Google and Microsoft (and other big giants) are extending their warmth towards the Indian languages by introducing Hindi language in their products then probably there is something huge that is yet to be seen. And this can be their interest in the market that has never been touched before, the market which is very big in itself and can expand greatly. The reason why all the computer users in India are comfortable (or at least have a basic understanding) with English is because other people who are not comfortable with this language have never got any chance to operate computer/internet in their native language, so they stay away. Imagine how it would be telling these people that internet is available now in their own language?

Only if these biggies take interest then should we be able to reap profits. A lot of development has to be done now. If you try and search for Hindi words on internet then you would see that for many basic terms they are showing thousands of results in the search engine. The URL of these pages will be in English but all their content is in Hindi. So why are they doing it in Hindi? Because, once this market is unveiled and open to public, it is going to be huge. Now that IDNs are open, building them is a good and smart move. (as far as I can see)

There is just H-U-G-E chunk of people which is not comfortable with English language...eager to operate computer and use internet.... but can't do it...because of the language barrier..

Umm, okay that was my personal view and assumptions.

Living in India, I know of one thing and that is we all use Hindi (or any other regional language depending on the region) and not English for our daily talks. So, taking interest in Indian IDNs will slowly but surely be a hit.

Not ripe yet, will take time. This is all I can say.
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