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horatiob is a tad dodgyhoratiob is a tad dodgyhoratiob is a tad dodgyhoratiob is a tad dodgyhoratiob is a tad dodgyhoratiob is a tad dodgy - Robot Domains

World's First Cyborg Robot uses Rat Brain.

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Cyborgs are not anymore sci-fiction. They are now reality. The BBC News realeased a Breaking TV news story yesterday in the UK regarding the invention of the first cyborg robot - a robot with rat brain cells - it moves and when it encounters an object it thinks for itself and resloves the problem and moves on. Scientist see that Cyborgs will be thinking robots working in capacity of offering advice to humans in the future. Its not just a normal programmed robot.

The BBC News said that engineering companies will now be developing a robot using human brain cells, after successfully implanting rat brain cells.


The applications for a Cyborg Robot is medical i.e. regeneration of human parts of the body and industrial uses.

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