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RU CENTER: repeated auctions update

RU Center sent invitations for the repeated private auctions to the persons who took part in the failed auctions.

Good afternoon,

Following i.4.8. of the Domains Preorder Registration Schedule in
РФ TLD you are given an opportunity to participate in a repeated
private auction for the ownership rights to <...>.XN--P1AI (<...>.рф) name.

Repeated auction will take place among all bidders of the first auction,
except for those who failed to pay the Best Bid and the Second Bid price.
All the rest is governed by the above Schedule for the part of the
repeated auction.

If you wish to withdraw from the repeated auction you may cancel your
preorder on web-server in "My auctions" section (till
January 11, 2011).

The preorder will be deemed executable, if your Personal account has
been credited enough to make a deposit (600 RUB). The Personal account
recharge procedure is available at web-site ("Prices
and Payments" section).

The repeated auction will be held, if there are two or more preorders
in place for <...>.XN--P1AI (<...>.рф) registration at the moment of order execution.

Repeated auction will be held January 12, 2011.

For more information on repeated auctions please visit
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