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Re: 网际 - internet?

Originally Posted by Giant
Don't expect much traffic on 网际 because there is no reason why people would search for it at this time. This name is good for brand, representing products or services for internet.

I don't see much traffic on 互联网.com either.

Well, US OVT is only 144. Most names with that range get only 1-3 views a day. There are exceptional ones with 10, 20 or more views a day though.

Originally Posted by gammascalper
Thanks Giant for the comprehensive explanation. For some reason DS doesn't allow me to change nameservers to Chinese nameservers, so there is no way for me to gauge traffic for any .cn.

I just noticed that 互联网.com passes the US ovt smell-test with flying colors. Somehow I think this is the most popular term for internet in China. Very nice name!

Yes, i encounter the problem of changing nameservers for .cn names on DS, i can't even unlock the names? ? ?

I emailed to complain on the issue, and the support guy told me he would only unlock for me if i emailed him my password as confirmation!

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