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Re: Making IDN gTLD's Attractive and Safe-Tina Dam

Hi Tina,

Very nice thoughts and constructive suggestions. I have a couple of questions.

1. About user expectation, have any studies been done to verify users expect the translated TLDs to be the same as the corresponding ascii TLDs? As we know, and are not the same and any users who know about IDNs probably know it. Why will they expect this to be different for letters after the dot? Considering translations to be confusingly similar may have serious consequences.
Of course, this issue is language dependent. For some languages, the translated and transliterated versions are very similar then they may need to be bundled due to either visual or sound similarity.

2. Another issue is, should this apply to all new gTLDs. For example, the applicant who applies for .sport may not want to do business all over the world for all the languages. If his application stops people in other countries from applying translated TLD of .sport, that is certainly bad. If we allow them to be operated by different entities, then what is the point to have the rule only work for current gTLDs?

3. As we know for some TLDs, the correct translations can be difficult to make. Either the applicants who apply for an IDN-gTLD need to specify all the translated variants at the time of application or not, it can cause many problems.

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