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Re: Making IDN gTLD's Attractive and Safe-Tina Dam

Originally Posted by TinaDam View Post
that is not possible unless the translated-gTLD is operated by the same entity....
Wasn't it always and still is how it's planned to work?
Originally Posted by TinaDam View Post
Its a problem. Where do we draw the line between variants and translations...I don't see it.
And that's why i think ICANN should not worry too much about the type of confusion, as any type (visural,aural or otherwise) are more then anyone can afford if they want to keep the internet global,safe and secure as it states on the first sentence of ICANN's policy/reason for existence.

It also would be great if ICANN would pay closer attention to local markets as the fact some registries are still selling alternate root 'domains' and are doing it in part because they display the official icann seal as they are official registries for ascii registrations, not alternate root 'domains' which can't really be called domains. That alone helped raise confusion and when any group is claiming rights to clearly confusing strings i think ICANN's position should be much less inviting then it was and still is and much more severe actions towards anyone and anything that is putting the internet in risk.

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