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Re: Japanese daily average revenue trend

Originally Posted by Clotho View Post
Did you work it out as average daily revenue or did you just plot monthly revenue? My own graph was more erratic when I just plotted monthly revenue.
mine was just monthly revenue totals, which makes it all the more interesting I think. I dropped 50% of my domains, and a lot of them were making $, just not enough to warrant keeping them - had I kept them, the graph would have been even more dramatic.

Originally Posted by Clotho View Post
Still, it is pretty easy to see which way the wind is blowing.
Agree. I have a ton of data, all at domain/date level showing monetization method by day/revenue/clicks/visits etc - but it only makes sense at an individual domain level - but yes, over all it all points north, so didn't bother trying to factor anything else in.

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