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Re: Interesting SEO thread on

Originally Posted by squirrel View Post
One thing I'd like to see one day is "scientific" data about how the SERPs CTR of IDNs compare to that of transliterated ASCII domamins. I presume IDNs' CTR > translit CTR but by what order of magnitude ?
Nothing scientific and not even exactly what you asked but for what it's worth...

There's a guy which is in the gifts business in Israel, He purchased מתנות.com (Gifts) from the registrant who had it before.

He had before he got מתנות.com, He told me he did 25% of work at most on the IDN and the IDN has been #1 in for around 2years now, when is not on page one at all.

He since bought more and more, recent one he bought i know of is ספא.net and another one which also is #1 in Google which he has: לימוזינה (Limousine)
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