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Re: Interesting SEO thread on

Originally Posted by 555 View Post
I am not sure i am buying that argument from google, i mean how many out of all of google's indexed sites are actually exact match keywords? I am not sure how to calculate it but i risk saying it's under 1%, and that is the money 1 percent, when everyone is busy 'socializing' in often embarrassing and more often plain stupid ways (really smart telling the customer you paid 100k to be in front of on TV to look for you on facebook)

You have information about that 1% , the money percent and if you were at the 99% how much would you like hearing how usually untouchable to you generic names can make your business? How much would your ad consultant small or large would like admitting to you "We are the top, no one comes close, we just missed on that one very narrow opportunity very few saw"

As for the case in Russia, remember they all said idn's will never be nothing, then they all agreed they will never be nothing except for a very good way to get your site to your audience via offline media (TV,Print,Billboards etc).

As for the flood of new gTLD's , won't that make the already and only giant around only bigger /memorable? over 100 now remember (cctld's & gTLD's, we know that but users don't).

So let's say google really will no longer value for a search on Credit Cards, the offline value will remain, the type in value will remain, the memorability and credibility value will remain etc etc. (How much 'only' that is worth to a competitor in an industry with hundreds of businesses?)

All i know, there will always be concerns until there are no more concerns but if you remember how many things held up dev. when you started and where we are now you will see it's moving as quick as it ever did, the progress in last 18 months i think is much greater then progress in the 8.5 years before, and the pace can't go anywhere but higher.
Google's business is pretty simple - show the customers the most relevant, unique and useful websites. Google will constantly modify its algorithm to achieve that goal. That's why I think minisites (even with great generic domain names) with lots of ads and little content will eventually drop off from the top positions. So, will it be Panda update this month or Polar Bear update next month - don't expect a minisite to stay in the top for too long.

The example above illustrates that Google still gives a domain name some weight, but only up to a point.

Now, if you want to put in a serious effort and develop a great useful website with lots of unique content using a great generic domain, that's another story. You'll always have a leg up on "no generic domain" type of a website.
Asking a local domainer who missed the boat on IDNs in his language if IDNs are valuable is like asking your wife whether your mistress is pretty.
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