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IDN Domain For Sale Want to sell your international domain names? Post them here. Please proceed with caution on all sales, do your own translation, & use an escrow service. IDN Forums does not check the validity of any sales posted by users. Please only post Domains with at least minimum prices for offers in this Forum. If you don't know how much you want do an appraisal first. Domains without min price will be placed in dumpster thread. Users may also buy a sticky for their topic at $10 per day for up to 7 days.

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Old 28th April 2008, 06:55 AM
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enic is an unknown quantity at this point
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$9 chinese

[Chinese. Com - have registered 2.3 years, clearing the last major price reduction of $ 9!

Following each $ 9 Contact QQ313698588 message to 13305026572, paypal @
South China rubber. Com China's top 500 enterprises
Tomb. Com tourist attractions
Elm. Net city names
Tianchang. Net city names
China's big market. Com hot industry
Jiayuguan. Com city names

Below $ 49 for each contact QQ313698588 message to 13305026572, paypal @
Aprons. Competitive products of China
Crystal products. Platinum industry in China the word
Islands. Geographical Names Chinese cities
Novel. Chinese business firms
Electronic products. Platinum industry in China the word
Accessories. Platinum industry in China the word
Yang Mu. Chinese business firms
Computer parts. Platinum words com industry in China and abroad are net registered in 2000 when the
Le touch. Com hot industry
Giessen. Com China's top 500 enterprises
Baker. Net China's top 500 enterprises
Salt Bridge. Com China's top 500 enterprises
Small Hong Kong. Com city names
- Princess. Com business firms
And the source of benefits. Com competitive products
Xinmin. Net city names
Jiuzhaigou Tour. Com tourist attractions
Sibelius music. Com business firms
Internet post office. Com hot industry
Shahe. Net city names
King Tianjin. Com China's top 500 enterprises
Related ads. Com hot industry
Wuyishan City. Com city names
Qingzhou City. Com city names
Soda. Com competitive products
Kam days. Com China's top 500 enterprises
Iron in modern logistics. Com China's top 500 enterprises
Yang Mu. Com business firms
Sanlian Group. Com business firms
Online games in China. Com hot industry
Flower cool monster. Com business firms
Banyuetan. Com China's top 500 enterprises
Computer parts. Com competitive products
Chinese lottery. Com hot industry
Intelligent Search. Com hot industry
- Special. Com China's top 500 enterprises
Xiang Lu. Com China's top 500 enterprises
Haixin Iron and Steel. Com China's top 500 enterprises
Ye Liya. Com China's top 500 enterprises
Wudalianchi. Net city names
Shuanglong Dong. Com tourist attractions
Or in conjunction. Com business firms
Qinglong Xia. Com tourist attractions
Gem processing. Com industry platinum words
Maternal and child health centres. Com hot industry
China's second-hand. Com hot industry
China Sports Daily. Com hot industry
Spring Group. Com business firms
Xiamen scholar. Com business firms
Phone beauty. Net trade platinum words
Phone URL. Net trade platinum words
Good shops. Com hot industry
Northern Fujian Province. Com city names
Bailyn. Com business firms
Kang Basi. Com business firms
China Network. Com city names
New search. Com hot industry
Hohhot in China. Com city names
Motor transport. Net trade platinum words
U.S. cable. Com business firms
Business navigation. Com hot industry
Lin is. Com business firms
International Red Cross. Com China's top 500 enterprises
Computer speakers. Com industry platinum words


华南橡胶.com 中国500强企业
王陵.com 旅游景点
榆树.net 城市地名
天长.net 城市地名
中国大市场.com 热门行业
嘉峪关市.com 城市地名

围裙.中国 竞价产品
水晶制品.中国 行业白金词
海岛.中国 城市地名
新颖.中国 企业商号
电子制品.中国 行业白金词
配饰.中国 行业白金词
沐阳.中国 企业商号
电脑零件.中国 行业白金词 com和net都是国外2000年时注册的
乐摸.com 热门行业
吉森.com 中国500强企业
贝克.net 中国500强企业
盐桥.com 中国500强企业
小香港.com 城市地名
清妃.com 企业商号
益之源.com 竞价产品
新民.net 城市地名
九寨沟游.com 旅游景点
西贝乐.com 企业商号
网上邮局.com 热门行业
沙河.net 城市地名
景津.com 中国500强企业
关联广告.com 热门行业
武夷山市.com 城市地名
青州市.com 城市地名
小苏打.com 竞价产品
天之锦.com 中国500强企业
中铁现代物流.com 中国500强企业
沐阳.com 企业商号
三联集团.com 企业商号
网游中国.com 热门行业
花酷妖.com 企业商号
半月谈.com 中国500强企业
电脑零配件.com 竞价产品
中华彩票.com 热门行业
智能搜索.com 热门行业
顺特.com 中国500强企业
翔鹭.com 中国500强企业
海鑫钢铁.com 中国500强企业
耶莉娅.com 中国500强企业
五大连池.net 城市地名
双龙洞.com 旅游景点
内联升.com 企业商号
青龙峡.com 旅游景点
宝石加工.com 行业白金词
妇幼保健院.com 热门行业
中国二手.com 热门行业
中国体育报.com 热门行业
春天集团.com 企业商号
厦门书生.com 企业商号
手机美容.net 行业白金词
手机网址.net 行业白金词
好店铺.com 热门行业
闽北.com 城市地名
贝林.com 企业商号
康巴丝.com 企业商号
神州网.com 城市地名
新搜索.com 热门行业
中国呼和浩特.com 城市地名
汽车运输.net 行业白金词
美索.com 企业商号
商务导航.com 热门行业
正林.com 企业商号
国际红十字.com 中国500强企业
电脑音箱.com 行业白金词
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