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Re: Arabic ( No reservse )

Originally Posted by squirrel View Post
1)I'm more of a developer, I like names that I think I'll develop and monetize one day. I have nothing against words like Plastic, Water or even Yacht or Pregnancy, but it's not the kind of name I think I can turn into websites and monetize easily -especially in a language that I don't master.

2)I can't get anything close to “credit card” -or any “top 500” names, including adult terms- in any of the more sought after languages, Japanese, Chinese or Russian. I did try when I first started in 2009, these names are simply out of my price range. Even credit card in my native pfrench is probably too expensive for me. Of course there are exceptions, but generally speaking, I dont have the money for top terms.

3)Because of that, and because I'm relatively young and can afford to wait, I'm looking at undevelopped markets for top names. If I can buy something now and wait 5-10 years and then monetize it, so be it. I'd rather have that than have nothing at all. And if I fail miserably, well at least I will have tried to get something.

4)I can't wait for stats to be there, things will be too late for me then because I don't have deep pockets. Moreover, as Basel mentioned, people get all excited in their first few internet years with chatting and music and eventually start using the web for pretty much everything, including credit and comparing financial products, so poor stats is not the end of the world for me.

5)Competitiveness and pricing is increasing. IDNF is not the market of reference for IDN pricing. Try the drops and you'll see what I mean. I never won a nice name on the drop if it was Japanese, Russian or Chinese. Never. Stock Market in Chinese had 96 bidders a month or so ago. I see one word generics in japanese going for 2K regularly (haven't checked recently though but I can remember Thai and Navi in japanese going for these kind of prices). I got outbidded on “morgage loans” in Russian in 20 seconds. Same for Mobile Phone in Thai by the way.. I think touchring dropped it and it ended in the 2K range.

6)I can't hope for my personal wealth or monetary means to grow at a faster pace than domain names. What I mean is, it's silly for me to wait and save money with the hope of buying a handful of top domains later. Prices will only go up. Once aliasing happens and things start rolling, the guys with better portfolios (not me) will be making more money than ever and will buy all the quality inventory that's for sale. By then my window of opportunity will be shut. At least in the most popular markets.

7)I like domains !
Thanks for sharing your reasons. They are excellent. I have confidence that you will do well and be rewarded for your foresight with your IDN investment.
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