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Olney has a little shameless behaviour in the past
Re: you are a millionaire idners if ............

+ You were one of the first members of IDNF when we all jumped ship from DNF in September 2005.
+ You remember the name DWrixon
+ You remember DWixon & thought "Damn this guys right!!!"
+ You remember getting comments on your IDN Domains like
"they are all going to go broke",
"Do you guys plan to sell them or just collect them?",
"It's worth REG FEE",
"It's worth REG Fee because even though it has 2 million OVTjp results it's not OVT WITH EXT",
"IDNs are worthless because even though people can use the domain in their native language they STILL would have to type in .com in ENGLISH, just put the whole dern thang in ENGLISH"
+ You remember Edwin AKA THE VACCUM owned less than 5 IDNs
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