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Re: 髪.com Hair sold $6,000US

I have no IDN Debt I'm wayyy in the black....
My whole portfolio of 500 domains including the 150 dot jps were been payed for.
I truly don't think I need to buy many more (not coms anyway) unless it's good for something I want to develop.
Everything I sell now is to develop high traffic Japanese sites.
I look at this way. I already have high end career, loan, travel, business related domains I registered everything I thought companies pay well for.

I could wait till 2 years to sell them all, but I'm a developer $20,000 of development money gives me the chance to create Japanese portals that other companies are going to wait to analyze & see how to maximize the creation of it.

Mark my words the site I'm working on now will be within the top 100 traffic sites from Japan within one year. (& I may get more than one up at that rate).

If I can create a high traffic Japanese site you know how much influence more influence I could have in Japan.
テスト中: ベリーダンス : Japan SEM : カードローン (Not an IDN, yeah I do those too)
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