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Re: Any decent PPC in Arabic domains yet? Other languages?

its contrudictory because if this country is so bad or will go bad, then smart people wouldnt come work and live here. I was born in Russia and now i live here in US and i think this country is THE best there is by a mile. all you have to do is go live somewhere else and you will prove that to yourself (assuming you will be honest about it).

if things were so bad, then we wouldnt need to restrict borders against immigration and there is plenty of people here from all over the world that are still coming every day.

also: keep in mind that good education isnt always as important as being logical and practical. I met many smart people from India and working with them is very difficult as no matter how smart they are they dont get the practical side of things and logic that seems to me being the most important part of the US education system.

US may not be perfect, but i think its much better than whatever next best alternatives are. as far as crisis and all that: Japan existed with high debt to GDP for a long time and has done ok with thier people, living standards there are still much higher than low debt to GDP countries like Brazil, Mexico or Russia for that matter.
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