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sarcle 5th December 2005 04:21 PM

Idns to break up internet? Fresh off the press.

Originally Posted by theregister
Four billion out of the six billion people on the planet use a non-Western (ASCII) alphabet, Fattal stressed. Everyone recognises the need to make the internet more of a global medium, especially with efforts in China and elsewhere starting to step outside the existing internet infrastructures to provide the services they want. At the Vancouver ICANN meeting, the subject of IDNs popped up in every supporting organisation.

News Link

Sounds like Icann and Microsoft better get off their behinds quickly or it sounds like they will be surpased.

sarcle 5th December 2005 11:21 PM

Re: Idns to break up internet? Fresh off the press.
I would also like to add this article for review.

While ICANN dithered, groups in China and in Arabic speaking countries went ahead with experiments in IDNs for Chinese and Arabic, and set up experimental parallel root zones with names in the local character sets. These experiments worked (no surprise, Unicode and punycode are technically sound) and now those roots are the roots that everyone in those countries use.

WTG, Icann't may have single-handedly destroyed their own authority. Let's just hope they can pull this off in the bottom off the ninth.

Now I see the dire emergency for them. It doesn't take a world poll, or UN action, these countries will just do this themselves.

sarcle 6th December 2005 03:49 PM

Re: Idns to break up internet? Fresh off the press.

Originally Posted by agipnews
The meeting also saw an important workshop on Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) implementation, following on from successful IDN workshops held during ICANN's meeting in Luxembourg. During the Vancouver workshop, significant progress was made towards the launch of a global IDN test bed.

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Originally Posted by agipnews
The Board has asked ICANN staff to continue accepting further written comments until December 7, 2005. Following that, ICANN will produce a public report summarizing, analyzing and organizing the feedback provided on the .com and settlement agreements by December 11

Looks to me that Icann is to make a public announcement by the 11 on their findings and future actions.

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