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sarcle 5th December 2005 09:05 PM

Microsoft and IE 7. Boiling Point?
As stated, I have been getting news feeds everyday about microsoft, explorer, icann, idn from google.  I have noticed a trend in the feeds in the urgency of the development and impliment of idn's, browsers.  This has been increasing everyday for the past few weeks.  I am going to now just put key sentences about IE 7 of the news stories that I get along with links to them.

I view these statements as direct challenges to Microsoft from various news orgs.

I personally believe the first one to be the biggest development as FireFox are targetting asian countries now partnered with Yahoo.  I guess they are sick of waiting on Microsoft.

So the news that Yahoo has nailed the same kind of agreement with Firefox in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan could be a big deal.

Do I also report on the 7.0 release of Microsoft Internet Explorer, due at some point next year? It's nice to have these choices in front of me. Competition is back in the browser market, after far too long.

It is thought that continuing news stories about security problems in Internet Explorer are helping to fuel the move away from Microsoft's program.

The current Internet Explorer 6.0 was introduced in 2001, and its design shows every bit of its age. IE 6.0 lacks many of the features, such as pop-up ad blocking and tabbed browsing, that help make Firefox - and browsers such as Apple's Safari - so popular.
Worse, IE 6.0 is riddled with bugs, glitches and what the trade calls vulnerabilities, which make it insecure. 

While computer users are watching the slow release of builds of Windows Vista (which Microsoft calls the Community Technology Preview, or CTP), part of that anticipation includes the first new version of Internet Explorer in several years.

But even though the new iterations of both Firefox and Opera bring mostly incremental changes, that's still enough to keep them ahead of IE.

It's clear to me that Microsoft needs to quit playing with toys and get back to where their bread and butter is and what made them who they are today.

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