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Question - Building a self sustaining portfolio

I just got started with IDNs and registered a couple of names. I found that some "not-too bad" names can still be bought or drop the best are long gone obviously.

My main concern is that there will be eventually a real market for many IDNs but no one knows exactly how long it will take for this market to develop.

which means you will have to pay for renewals in the meantime.

if one builds a portfolio of lets say 500 "somewhat-decent" names you will have to pay $5000/year for at least several years lets say 5 years = 25K in registration fees or even more if it takes longer.

From what i've read most IDNs don't generate enough income to pay for the renewals, the ones who do are usually not available anymore.

The names that i have for example don't really have any type-in traffic. So the chance that they will eventually be able to sustain themselves in the next few years are close to zero IMO.

The re-sale prices here on the board are low often close to reg-fee unless the name is really good.

So the first question would be:

Do you generate enough income from PPC parking and end-user sales(or other sales) to pay for the yearly reg-fees of your portfolio?

Or do you view this mostly as a long term investment where you are willing to spend money year after year until a real market develops.

The question that i am asking myself is: Wouldn't it be better instead of registering hundreds dropped free names or free names and paying tens of thousands for renewals to take that 25K and buy 50 good names which can sustain themselves and cost little to maintain. In the end there would be less risk of loss of capital since the renewal fees are negligible the prices are unlikely to drop long term and at least some ppc revenue is there and reselling them is possible.

Second question: End-User Sales

Are end user sales an effective mean to pay for your reg-fees or even pay for for new purchases?

I don't mean high figure sales but the occasional $200-500 sale for lesser names and maybe low xxxx for good names.

Do you think that with the names that are still available or drop and can be registered for reg-fee you can still build a portfolio which is self sustaining due the occasional end-user sale?

Are the end user sales limited to certain markets? If so which ones?

Third question: My first domain purchases

I spent some time looking at drop lists, and tried to hand-reg a few names. This was just a small experiment, i understand that the names aren't that good really. I didn't look at PPC pricing, google exact searches. I mean i did to confirm that the term was searched but high number of search wasn't a buying criteria.

I just looked for names that would be considered good/attractive if they were english .com versions.

bankowość.com (banking) polish

جليد.com (ice) arabic
مرحاض.com (toilet)
سوقالأوراقالمالية.com (stock exchange? Stock market? Securities? Security market?)
أحجاركريمة.com (gemstone)
كرةالمضرب.com tennis

coré (korea) portuguese
ará (arabia)
pré (prepay)
grã (great britain)
acomodaçõ (accomodations)

デザイナーズ.com (designers?) japanese

Some of the names were possibly not translated properly or do do not look attractive to native speakers.

What's your opinion? Is this junk?


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