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Re: 台北.com TAIPEI - Need a Smart Experienced Asian IDN Broker

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck
Well, if I was in the broker game I would have tried to negociate a deal in private. Many large players are going to be unwilling to discuss these matters in public and most brokers would be sensitive to that possibility.

If you are going to try and cut it as a broker within the community you have certainly a talent for raising your profile. I personally would be looking for someone that exudes discretion, rather than one that takes every opportunity to lamblast major players in public. Perhaps, I am just a little old fashioned. Maybe its a reflection of my age, but then again it could be experience.
You have your points - but Jeff has proven to be a successful broker and is respected as such.

Also - referring to yourself as a "major player" when the IDN market has yet to even take-off to the point of acknowledging who exactly are the "major players" is extremely cocky to say the least. I hope it doesn't come back and make you look like a jackass later down the road.

F.Y.I. the word you're looking for is lambaste, lamblast isn't a word.

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