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Re: Poland City Portfolio (IDN + ASCII)

Cities, towns, and some of the villages that have decent keyword pull within the search engines (they might have health spas, castles, famous churches, or some other noteworthy item of web based interest). Originally I bought just four of the cities/towns under the 10K population marker (wasn't sure what their traffic pull would be), but after testing out their traffic pull in Google, I decided to buy many more.

Very easy domains to get traffic to, if you have the time for light development that is. Even a 1 page brochure style website on cities at 30K population will start pulling in 15 - 30 visits a day from the get go.

I don't like the word "potential" when it comes to domains, but this portfolio does indeed have the potential to collectively lock down a very sizable amount of Poland based / Poland themed traffic. On a good day it will pull in 1,500 type in visitors, on a poor day it will pull in around 600. Not bad considering none of the domains have ever been developed (they were previously owned by a Polish media company who used them for domain, sub-domain, and email address leasing).

If anyone would like to chat about this domain collection via Skype, then please let me know.

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