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IDN Domain For Sale Want to sell your international domain names? Post them here. Please proceed with caution on all sales, do your own translation, & use an escrow service. IDN Forums does not check the validity of any sales posted by users. Please only post Domains with at least minimum prices for offers in this Forum. If you don't know how much you want do an appraisal first. Domains without min price will be placed in dumpster thread. Users may also buy a sticky for their topic at $10 per day for up to 7 days.

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Old 6th December 2008, 01:02 AM
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jackwu is an unknown quantity at this point
150+ chinese IDNs for sales

a price is 3500 USD for all IDNs.These IDNs are registered in 2006, costs more than 4400 USD.

商业调查.cn(Business Survey)
拓展训练.net(Outward Bound)
探伤设备.com(Testing equipment)
蒸发设备.com(Evaporation equipment)
不锈钢设备.com(Stainless steel equipment)
低温设备.com(Low-temperature equipment)
橡胶设备.com(Rubber Equipment)
高低温箱.com(High-temperature box)
冷却设备.com(Cooling equipment)
商标事务所.com(Trademark Office)
杭州会展.com(Exhibition in Hangzhou)
电气安装.com(Electrical installation)
电气工程.com(Electrical Engineering)
地暖安装.com(Warm to install)
地暖工程.com(Warm to the project)
地暖公司.com(Warm to the company)
地暖设备.com(Warm and equipment)
石化机械.com(Petrochemical Machinery)
升降设备.com(Take-off and landing equipment)
安全器材.com(Safety equipment)
安防工程.com(Security Project)
中央实验台.com(Central test)
化工容器.com(Chemical containers)
测控仪表.com(Monitoring and control instruments)
金属筛网.com(Metal mesh)
塑料电镀.com(Plastic Plating)
防爆软管.com(Explosion-proof hose)
档案设备.com(File equipment)
日化设备.com(Daily-use chemical equipment)
超声波机械.com(Ultrasound machines)
烘干机械.com(Drying Machinery)
矿用设备.com(Mining equipment)
气体阀门.com(Gas valves)
塑胶容器.com(Plastic containers)
光电仪器.com(Optical Instrument)
车辆配件.com(Vehicle parts)
防伪技术.com(Anti-counterfeiting technology)
景观工程.com(Landscape Project)
防护器材.com(Protective equipment)
环保塑料.com(Environmentally friendly plastic)
管道工程.com(Pipeline Project)
青岛展览.com(Qingdao Exhibition)
苏州展览.com(Suzhou Exhibition)
厦门展览.com(Xiamen exhibition)
药用包装.com(Pharmaceutical Packaging)
造桥机.com(Bridge-building machine)
深圳会展.com(Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition)
舟山装饰.com(Zhoushan decoration)
泉州装饰.com(Quanzhou decoration)
绍兴装饰.com(Shaoxing decoration)
台州装饰.com(Taizhou decoration)
扬州装饰.com(Yangzhou decoration)
汕头广告.com(Shantou ad)
绍兴广告.com(Shaoxing ad)
台州广告.com(Taizhou ad)
常州广告.com(Changzhou ad)
扬州广告.com(Yangzhou ad)
文化娱乐.com(Culture and entertainment)
南昌广告.com(Nanchang ad)
海口广告.com(Haikou ad)
南宁广告.com(Nanning ad)
兰州广告.com(Lanzhou ad)
南通广告.com(Nantong ad)
昆明广告.com(Kunming ad)
温州广告.com(Wenzhou ad)
佛山广告.com(Foshan ad)
温州标牌.com(Wenzhou signs)
广州标牌.com(Guangzhou signs)
深圳标牌.com(Shenzhen signs)
北京标牌.com(Beijing signs)
通用设备.com(General Equipment)
电线机械.com(Electrical machinery)
乳品设备.com(Dairy equipment)
过滤机械.com(Mechanical filtration)
医药机械.com(Pharmaceutical machinery)
分离机械.com(Mechanical separation)
动力设备.com(Power Equipment)
洗染设备.com(Xiran equipment)
洗染机械.com(Xiran machinery)
免烧砖设备.com(Mian Shaozhuan equipment)
免烧砖机械.com(Mian Shaozhuan machinery)
动力机械.com(Power Machinery)
制版设备.com(Plate-making equipment)
阀门配件.com(Valve accessories)
上海标牌.com(Shanghai signs)
屏蔽设备.com(Shielding device)
电缆设备.com(Cable equipment)
会展策划.com(Exhibition planning)
能源设备.com(Energy equipment)
电子机械.com(Electronic machinery)
模具注塑.com(Injection mold)
气体设备.com(Gas Equipment)
康体设备.com(Sports equipment)
海口家政.com(Haikou Home Economics)
南宁家政.com(Nanning Home Economics)
南宁装饰.com(Nanning decoration)
架桥机.com(Erecting machine)
兰州装饰.com(Lanzhou decoration)
石家庄装饰.com(Shijiazhuang decoration)
中山装饰.com(Zhongshan decoration)
南昌装饰.com(Nanchang decoration)
合肥装饰.com(Hefei decoration)
吉林装饰.com(Jilin decoration)
珠海装饰.com(Zhuhai decoration)
海口装饰.com(Haikou decoration)
太原装饰.com(Taiyuan decoration)
吉林物流.com(Jilin logistics)
天津装饰.com(Tianjin decoration)
花岗石平板.com(Granite slab)
前方.com (Front)
旅游用品.net(Tourism supplies)
商业策划.com(Business Planning)
加热设备.com(Heating equipment)
测试仪器.com(Test equipment)
筛分机.com(Screening machines)
嘉泰.com(Jia Tai)
体坛风云.com(Sports situation)
条码扫描器.com(Bar code scanner)
红外线测温仪.com(Infrared Thermometer)
冻干机.com(Freeze dryers)
恒温恒湿机.com(Temperature and humidity machine)
探伤仪.com(Flaw Detector)
论文网.com(Papers network)
千度.com (Thousand degrees)
风云浙商.com(Zhejiang situation)
爱情海.com(Sea of Love)
干洗店设备.com(Dry cleaning equipment)
干洗连锁店.com(Dry-cleaning chain)
画龙点睛.com(Finishing touch)
工业铝型材.com(Aluminum Industry)
彩钢结构.com(Cai Steel)
园林规划.com(Garden Planning)
拓展培训.net(Expanding training)
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Old 6th December 2008, 06:37 AM
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Lian is an unknown quantity at this point
Re: 150+ chinese IDNs for sales

Good Domain Name!
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Old 7th December 2008, 04:38 AM
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jackwu is an unknown quantity at this point
Re: 150+ chinese IDNs for sales

up,still for sale.
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