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IDN Domain For Sale Want to sell your international domain names? Post them here. Please proceed with caution on all sales, do your own translation, & use an escrow service. IDN Forums does not check the validity of any sales posted by users. Please only post Domains with at least minimum prices for offers in this Forum. If you don't know how much you want do an appraisal first. Domains without min price will be placed in dumpster thread. Users may also buy a sticky for their topic at $10 per day for up to 7 days.

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Old 10th December 2008, 07:54 AM
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 638
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haomi is an unknown quantity at this point
100+ chinese IDNs for sales.

Each 15$,Enom/push,Paypal

馆.net(cultural or sports activities)
早教.net(Early education)
纸杯.net(Paper cups)
成龙.net(Cheng Long)
印务.net(Government Printing)
黔江.net(prefecture-level city of Chongqing)
涪陵.net(refecture-level city of Chongqing)
招远.net(one of China's top 100 counties)
自贡市.net(refecture-level city of Sichuan)
银川市.net(Yinchuan,capital of Ningxia Province)
西宁市.net(Xining,capital of Qinghai Province)
治疗仪.net(Treatment Instrument)
展览馆.net(exhibition hall)
洗衣粉.net(laundry powder)
羊毛衫.net(Wool sweater)
医疗网.net(medical network)
白酒网.com(wine/white wine network)
中国台湾.net(China Taiwan)
中国相声.com(China crosstalk)
中国饮料.net(Chinese drink)
中国外贸.net(China's foreign trade)
中国汽车.net(Chinese car)
中国美容.net(Chinese Beauty)
中国图书.net(Chinese book)
装饰装修.net(Renovation and Decoration)
电子礼品.net(Electronic gifts)
电子购物.net(Electronic shopping)
青岛物流.net(Qingdao logistics)
咨询管理.com(Management consulting)
香港家具.com(Hong Kong Furniture)
家庭装饰.net(Family decoration)
电动玩具.net(electrical toy)
法律论坛.net(lawy forum)
律师论坛.net(lawyer forum)
辽宁旅游.net(Liaoning tourism)
苏州旅游.net(Suzhou tourism)
昆明旅游.net(Kunming tourism)
宁波旅游.net(Ningbo tourism)
温州旅游.net(Wenzhou tourism)
济南旅游.net(Jinan tourism)
新疆旅游.net(Xinjiang tourism)
河南旅游.net(Henan tourism)
云南旅游.net(Yunnan tourism)
合肥旅游.com Hefei tourism
贵阳机票.com Guiyang plane ticket
海口机票.com Haikou plane ticket
玩具配件.com Toy accessory

Each 30$,Enom/push,Paypal

颜料.net Pigment
铁柜.com till
恋人.net(lover)[ push]
洗衣粉.net(laundry powder)
羊毛衫.net(Wool sweater)
考勤机.net Attendance machine
福州旅游.com Fuzhou Tourism
太原旅游.com Taiyuan tourism
兰州旅游.com Lanzhou tourism
贵阳旅游.com Guiyang Tourism
宠物服饰.com(Pet costumes)
汽车修配.com(Car repair)
中国物业.com(Chinese property)
中国媒体.com(Chinese media)
数控设备.com(numerical control equipment)
中国仪器.com(China's equipment)
公益博客.com(Community blog)
中国出租.com(ina rent)
温州房产.net(Wenzhou Real estate)
青岛房产.net(Qingdao Real Estate)
长春房产.net(Changchun real estate)
中国租房.com(Chinese house rents)
杭州房地产.net(Hangzhou real estate)
中国二手房.net(China's second-hand housing)
北京奥运会.net(Beijing Olympic Games)

Each 50$,Enom/push,Paypal

记者.net Reporter
宜居.com(Suitable for living)
机电.net(Machinery and electrical appliances)
雅思.net(IELTS,the International English Language Testing System)
酒店用品.net(Hotel supplies)
四川宾馆.com(Sichuan Hotel)
沈阳宾馆.com(Shenyang Hotel)
郑州宾馆.com(Zhengzhou hotel)
中国建设.com(China constructs)
时尚在线.com(Fashion online)
生日鲜花.com Birthday flowers
刑事律师.com(Criminal lawyer)

Each 200$,Enom/push,Paypal

彩信.net (Multimedia Messaging Service,MMS)
best chinese IDN for sales
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Old 12th December 2008, 04:40 AM
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 638
iTrader: (14)
Rep Power: 571
haomi is an unknown quantity at this point
Re: 100+ chinese IDNs for sales.

Still for sales.
best chinese IDN for sales
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