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IDN Domain For Sale Want to sell your international domain names? Post them here. Please proceed with caution on all sales, do your own translation, & use an escrow service. IDN Forums does not check the validity of any sales posted by users. Please only post Domains with at least minimum prices for offers in this Forum. If you don't know how much you want do an appraisal first. Domains without min price will be placed in dumpster thread. Users may also buy a sticky for their topic at $10 per day for up to 7 days.

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Old 18th December 2008, 01:11 AM
Join Date: Dec 2006
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haomi is an unknown quantity at this point
Some Best IDNs for sales.

深圳人才.cn Shenzhen talent
广州人才.cn Guangzhou talent
南京搬家.cn Nanjing move
河南旅游.cn Henan Tourism
青岛物流.cn Qingdao logistics
武汉婚庆.cn Wuhan wedding
广州家政.cn Guangzhou Home Economics
杭州招聘.cn Hangzhou recruitment
天津租车.cn Tianjin Car Rental
武汉租车.cn Wuhan Car Rental
大连租车.cn Dalian Car Rental
南京货运.cn Nanjing freight
成都货运.cn Chengdu freight
南京旅行社.cn Nanjing travel agency

上海招聘.cn Shanghai employment
深圳招聘.cn Shenzhen employment
上海搬家.cn Shanghai moving house
上海货运.cn Shanghai cargo
上海家教.cn Shanghai family
杭州物流.cn Hangzhou logistics
重庆物流.cn Chongqing logistics
西安酒店.cn Xi'an hotel
厦门酒店.cn Xiamen hotel
长沙酒店.cn Changsha hotel
杭州宾馆.cn Hangzhou Hotel
天津宾馆.cn Tianjin Hotel
成都宾馆.cn Chengdu Hotel
济南宾馆.cn Jinan hotels
香港宾馆.cn Hong Kong hotel
郑州宾馆.cn Zhengzhou hotel
昆明宾馆.cn Kunming Hotel
桂林宾馆.cn Guilin Hotel
青岛宾馆.cn Qingdao Hotel
武汉宾馆.cn Wuhan hotel
沈阳宾馆.cn Shenyang Hotel

冶金设备.cn Metallurgical equipment
咨询公司.cn Consulting firm
楼宇对讲.cn Talk buildings
音响设备.cn Audio equipment
产品设计.cn Product design
庆典用品.cn Festival supplies
测试设备.cn Test equipment
有机制品.cn Organic products
led显示屏.cn led screen
逆变电源.cn Power inverter
气体检测.cn Gas detection
条码扫描器.cn Bar code scanner
数字图书馆.cn Digital Library
干洗店设备.cn Dry cleaning equipment
液位传感器.cn Liquid level sensor
信号发生器.cn Signal generator
玻璃工艺品.cn Glass crafts
气体检测仪.cn Gas detector
房地产律师.cn Real estate lawyer
超声波清洗机.cn Ultrasonic cleaning machine

烘干.cn Drying
干燥.cn Dry
锻件.cn Forgings
护栏.cn Guardrail
围栏.cn Fence
窃听器.cn Listening device
湿疹.cn Eczema
爆破.cn Blasting
网志.cn Net blog
翻新.cn Renovation
女朋友.cn Girlfriend
自助游.cn(self-guided tour)
宫颈癌.cn Cervical cancer
除铁器.cn Separator
美术馆.cn Museum of Art
厂房出租.cn Rental plants
货运公司.cn Cargo company
化工设备.cn Chemical equipment
企业培训.cn Corporate training
低压电器.cn Low-voltage electrical appliances
网络营销.cn Network marketing
特种设备.cn Special equipment
保险代理.cn Insurance agents
干洗设备.cn Dry-cleaning equipment
投资顾问.cn Investment adviser
锻压机床.cn Metal forming machine tools
节能设备.cn(Energy-saving equipment)
专利代理.cn Patent Agency
激光雕刻机.cn Laser engraving machine
笔记本维修.cn Notebook repair
防静电地板.cn Anti-static floor
液晶显示器.cn Liquid crystal display
污水处理设备.cn Sewage treatment equipment

对象.cn Object
演出.cn Performance
菜单.cn Menu
中餐.cn Chinese food
道具.cn Props
科目.cn Subjects
风格.cn Style
投影.cn Projection
助手.cn Assistant
评价.cn Evaluation
国际.cn International
节目.cn Program
富人.cn The rich
存款.cn Deposits
楼宇.cn Buildings
博客网.cn Blog network
处女膜.cn Hymen
公积金.cn Provident Fund
教育培训.cn Education and training
企业名录.cn Business directory
汽车装饰.cn Car decoration
家居装饰.cn Home decoration

注册.cn Registration
驾照.cn Driver's license
月饼.cn Moon
居家.cn Home live
手套.cn Gloves
防伪.cn Security
报关.cn Declaration
会展.cn Conference and Exhibition
设备.cn Equipment
润滑油.cn Lubricants

加盟.cn franchise
书店.cn bookshop/Bookstore
五金.cn five gold
时尚.cn Fashion

dynadot push,paypal,PM your best price
best chinese IDN for sales
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Old 20th December 2008, 01:42 AM
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 638
iTrader: (14)
Rep Power: 557
haomi is an unknown quantity at this point
Re: Some Best IDNs for sales.

Still for sales.
best chinese IDN for sales
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