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Re: Chinese IDNs in China

Originally Posted by garzuaga
Kenne, I can access your .com no problem. Your .cn domain, couldn't access.

Giant, I accessed your first domain, but not the second one.

I guess we need somebody who's really inside of this to share some news about this issue. I believe it's becoming more critical as time passes by, otherwise our chinese domains will be worthless.
This is the proof that is not blocked, but NameDrive is blocked even it's .CN.

Please read my post from another thread:

Originally Posted by Giant
If they are blocking parked-domain sites and not, then there's nothing we need to complain. Let me tell you why.

China is changing for the better, the country is developing very fast, the government is very busy serving the business sector, but is not doing enough to help ordinary people's daily life. The government strongly supports e-commerce and all types of web uses, but the ordinary people, especially the young and children are very vulnerable to online gambling and pornography which the government has no better way to deal with. So, the most economical and effective way to protect the innocents is block the gambling and porn sites' IP. Good job I should say!

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