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Re: Chinese IDN. 中国 Fast Sale, big promo price, 500 USD each ONLY 3 DAYS!

In brief: and中国 will be charged separately.
2.....Just saw the new price for and Previously, is free in the domain package.

1) Does it mean I can lose any of the 6 variations?

2) Does it mean I have to pay for 6 variations or 普通話.cn 普通话.中国 separately when they come due for renewal?

3)Will renewing before 29th Oct offset the potential liability at least for the time being?

" renewal /registration will be charged the same to the English .cn domains;" Is that correct? Because if that is the case even x 2 (.cn &.中国) will be cheaper than than the renewal for 1 is now.


nb: I see the announcement by CNNIC was actually made on 28th May 2012
1000 or so for sale,including media,home loan,diamond ring,bread,shell,scissors,online dating,etc,all are business domains,
We can sell one by one or sell them in all.
as for price,this would be a million dollars sale for the 1000 domains,thanks. To Transfer or register中国, visit
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