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Re: The definitive story on Chinese Parking

Originally Posted by blastfromthepast
We are going to see this problem a lot more. If you own domains that are the same in Chinese and Japanese, especially if they are also the same in simplified and traditional, you have some work to do, and fast too, sice if you don't route it correctly, you could loose out and have your IP banned by the wall of China for example.
well routing and hosting and all that messing about sounds like way to much trouble. If i wanted to develop a site, then yes - but if all I want to do is park and test traffic, it sounds like I need to choose between 3 countries, and then alternate between parking providers collecting stats.

edit: so for the record:

Japanese: parked at ND
Simplified Chinese: parked at SC
Traditional Chinese: can that be parked at ND? Taiwan don't block do they?

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